The Public Opinion Six (formerly The Afrobiotics) are a six piece Melbourne based band that breathe new life into the sound of West Africa and bring a powerful message of resistance to the next generation of afro-beat. Forged in the fire of The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, The Six take the energy of this juggernaut and condense it into a powerful music where an intuitive understanding between the band allows their musicianship to shine.

“Make your power a fire, so we can cook enough for all …” chants Lamine Sonko out front of The Public Opinion Six as guitars weave layers of rhythm and the hypnotic bass and drums ready the dance floor for a rapid crossfire between the organ and horns. This is afro-beat medicine administered directly to your soul.

Lamine is a Senegalese griot musician who has recently migrated to Australia. He is a ‘Culture Keeper’ bringing traditional Sabar music and dance forms to the band’s compositions as well as a first hand afro-beat authenticity. The songs flip in and out of traditional tongue, street pidgin chants and English verse regularly punctuated by impossible percussion.

Press Shot Landscape