Studio Jam!

When some downtime at The Aviary Recording Studios (where my production room is) became available a few of us took advantage of it to write, jam and record some new songs.  It was a different way to write compared to what we’ve been doing, which is usually writing in a rehearsal room or letting the songs evolve on stage.  It meant that we could concentrate on the big picture of how all the parts fit together, rather than just whatever part you might be playing at the time.  We recorded everything as we went – as we came up with new ideas, they got recorded, then we’d listen back and refine it in light of the other parts.  It also meant we could spend some time working on some Sabar rhythms and breaks Lamine had been teaching Chris and me and you can hear some of these Senegalese influences in the videos.

We ended up with 4 new songs in a different kind of style to what we have written previously, as well as a bit more knowledge about how to record in a simple set up and get interesting sounds.  We also filmed some of it for your entertainment…

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